Because Life gets Messy

Image result for hectic mornings

You normally wake up at 6 am every morning, but today you awoke at 7:15.  You have to be at work by 8 am. In a hurried scramble, you rush to assemble yourself into a presentable form without making it obvious that you woke up late. You skipped your morning coffee, wolfed down any morsel of food you could find while trying to make it to work on time. You’ve walked out the door, ready to start your day-except you don’t have your car keys…again. So, instead of leaving just in the nick of time to hopefully make it to work on time, you will now be spending 5-10-or even 15 minutes trying to find your car keys. Inevitably you show up late to work and your day has basically become ruined before it can even start.

Have you ever had one of those days?

Life gets messy. It gets complicated, stressful, and hectic. Sometimes, there isn’t much we can do to make our lives “un-messy”, but if we take action and responsibility for the things that we can control (like where we put our car keys for instance) we can make even our messiest and hectic days just a little easier.

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