Fashionably Organized

Alright ladies and gents, I think it is time that we discuss something very near and dear to my heart…fashion. I am not by any means a fashion guru but I do have a deep appreciation and passion for the fashion industry.

As a lover of both organization and fashion I have noticed that there is a shortage of products that can accommodate both of my passions and needs. Like many of us, I am on-the-go constantly and at times it can be difficult to stay organized and put-together. My basic schedule includes going to the gym, work, school, home, and sometimes there are extra errands in between. This entails having a lot of cargo just to get through my day such as a gym bag, school bag, purse, and lunch bag.

The problem with all of these useful bags is that they aren’t particularly cute, especially the lunch bag. Carrying around my lunch bag makes me feel like a first grader. It’s bulky, oddly shaped, and the print is horrific. I use it out of necessity but let’s be honest, we need something better.

With all of the new technology and advancements taking place, I think we can have lunch bags that are cute AND functional.

Well, these are the wanderings of my mind for the day! Let me hear your wanderings! Comment below with your fashion and lifestyle frustrations!

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