Answered Prayers

Remember last week when we discussed the need for a cute lunch bag that isn’t embarrassing to carry around?

Well, I am VERY happy to say that our prayers have been answered! Mo Garcia, the author of the blog “She’s so Tech” is the proud inventor of not only a chic and stylish lunch bag, but has also provided innovations to the classic.

First, lets discuss the appearance of the lunch bag. My favorite feature about this bag is that it looks exactly like a purse that I would proudly wear while shopping or out with my friends.

Secondly, it’s what’s inside that counts. The interior of this bag has a dial that allows you to keep your food warm or cold without the exterior of the bag being warm or cold. This means I could have hot soup for lunch or a cold crisp salad and no one would ever know!

Lastly, the bag also has an extra pocket for your necessities like a wallet, phone, and lip stick. You will no longer have to carry around two bags for your day to day activities!

For me, this is exactly the product I need in my life because like many of us, I am on the go constantly.

Fashion+organization+practical= win for us boss babes.

Check out “She’s so Tech” blog where she will tell you more about her product!

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