College Dorm Room Organization Hacks

School might be out but planning for the new year of college is in full swing. Whether your child is preparing for their first semester of college or you’re a seasoned college junior, here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your dorm room organized all year long!

  1. Code your chargers using washi tape.

You’re going to have a lot of chargers for various electronics which means a tangled mess is right around the corner. Eliminate the hassle with this easy and cute tip.nk

2. Invest in an inexpensive silverware tray and create labels for all of your day-today essentials. This helps keep you and your roommates organized and your essentials easy to access.


3. Wherever all of my hair ties and bobby pins are, I hope they’re happy. Insert a magnetic strip in your medicine cabinet or drawer where they can live happily ever after.


4. Use Chalkboard Duct-tape to label drawers to keep organized!Β fcfx

5. Under the bed shoe storage will become your best friend (but don’t tell your best friend). A dorm room leaves little options for shoe storage except for under the bed. This handy organizer keeps your favorite pumps and sneakers out of the way but still accessible.


I hope you found these tips helpful and fun! Have a great summer and I hope you are all looking forward to a well-organized dorm room this school year!


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