Product Review: Space Bags

Recently I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond when I stumbled upon Turkish bath towels that had been marked down to 5.99. They were originally 39.99 a piece so… I bought 8 towels that I don’t necessarily need. Long story short, I needed to find a way to store these extra towels until I am ready to use them.

p.s. They make great hats!

I decided to give the Ziploc Space Bags a try and see if they would fix my dilemma.


This was my shopping haul from Bed Bath and Beyond, as you can see they are great towels but are currently taking up lots of space.  I purchased the ‘cube’ ziploc space bags in hopes that they will be large enough to compress these bulky items.


So far, so good! All of the towels fit quite nicely. The bags have a nice weight and the seals are heavy duty which assures me that they are air tight. There are even step by step instructions right on the bags!


Using the vacuum nozzle, you suck out all of the air which in turn compresses the items. As you can see they have definitely decreased in size but are not flat like the infomercial claim. The cube bags are not meant to become flat, just more compact and easy to store.

Overall, the space bags were very easy to use and definitely made storing these extra towels easier. The bags also work great for the extra bedding I have laying around that I can’t use in the summer.

I definitely recommend giving this product a try! They are available in different shapes and sizes for a variety of uses and storage options! I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond but they are also available at a variety of retailers.

Give them a try and tell me what you think in the comments below!


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