Staying Organized While Traveling

Summer is in full swing which means vacationing is too! When I travel, I am 100% guilty of over-packing because I am convinced that I need outfits for every single day plus two alternate outfits, 4 pairs of shoes, my cat, and the kitchen sink. It leaves very little room for souvenirs and makes my bag extremely heavy. If you are guilty of this too (it’s okay, I won’t tell), then you’re going to love these packing hacks!

  1. If you 100% need those extra outfits (guilty), no worries. Simply roll your clothes into compact cylinders. They will take up much less space than folding them!gugg
  2.  Bras can take up a lot of space in a suit case and can also get deformed and ruined while traveling. Stack all of your bras together and fold in half. After doing so you can stuff undies in the center to help reserve space and help keep the shape of your bras.koi
  3.  Makeup brushes can get lost,broken, and ruined when traveling. Store them in an empty eyeglass case to make them easy to store and protects them while traveling!okoi
  4.  Bobby pins always seem to go missing, it as if they fell right into the Bermuda Triangle, never to return. Prevent missing and scattered bobby pins by storing them in an empty tic-tac case. This is a handy trick even when you’re not traveling! ygy
  5.  Taking a short weekend trip? Instead of taking large bottles of your favorite make up, store your essentials in empty contact cases. You’ll have just enough for your weekend trip without having to travel with full bottles and eliminates the possibility of spillage and leaking.ugygHappy and safe travels this summer boss babes! If you have any traveling hacks of your own, feel free to share them below!

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