Top 10 OXO Kitchen Products to Make Life Easier

We all spend time in our kitchens. Some of us cook gourmet meals while others perhaps struggle to make cereal. No matter what your expertise is in the kitchen, there is an OXO product to make your life easier!

I talk about the brand OXO Good Grips quite often and I promise you it is with good reason. They produce a reliable product at a great price point. OXO began in the 1990’s when founder Sam Farber’s wife began to struggle usuing basic kitchen tools due to her arthritis. Sam noticed a need in the market for kitchen tools that were not only comfortable and easy to use, but also went the extra mile to meet and exceed our needs.

Now, OXO products can be found at numerous retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and many more!

Here is a list my top 10 OXO products to make life easier:

  1. On-the-go Salad Container:

OXO has perfected the perfect salad bowl. Say good-bye to soggy greens and hello to your crisp and leafy salad. This bowl features a removable mid-plate that will keep your salad fixings separate from your lettuce to prevent wilting. It also has a 2 ounce container for your dressing and a lock tight lid to prevent leakage.  Healthy living on-the-go has just gotten easier!


2) Salad Chopping Scissors

Speaking of salad, these chopping scissors will change your life! These scissors have stainless steel, micro-serrated blades and a wide flat design to chop and toss your salad with one unique tool. The rounded edge is safe to use in your bowls, so throw in your greens and veggies and chop away!


See them in action here!

3)  3 in 1 Avocado Tool

Avocados have become a staple in many households and are quite universal. The 3 in 1 avocado tool can split, pit, and slice with ease. This tool is kid-friendly as it doesn’t have a single sharp edge, so feel free to let your little ones join in!


4)  3 Blade Spiralizer

Spiralizing has become the new craze in the kitchen and with good reason too! It has made healthier eating easier, achievable, and more fun than ever. Unlike most spiralizers on the market, the OXO spiralizer has 3 different blade attachments to creates fetuccini, ribbons, and spaghetti-like ribbons. The handle and strong suction base make take the hardwork out of eating healthy and make cooking your favorite zoodles recipe quick and easy.


See it in action here!

5)  Smooth-Edge Can Opener

The can opener is a basic kitchen tool that we all use without hesitation but also with caution. Traditional can openers leave a sharp and jagged edge that can be very dangerous to handle. The OXO smooth edge can opener cuts along the outer rim of the can leaving a smooth, safe edge that can be easily removed from the can. Simple, functional, and safe; what more do you need?


6)  No-Spill Ice Trays

Ice trays are already a nifty little invention that allows us to have cold beverages whenever we want. However, the walk from the sink to the freezer can be treacherous as every step causes spills and splashes. Is it a huge dilemma? Probably not, but is it annoying and totally fixable? Yes! The OXO no-spill ice tray has a silicon lid to prevent spills and makes stacking and storing in the freezer 100% easier.oxo9

7)  OXO Bakeware

Yup, OXO does it all, even bakeware. What makes this bakware so special is its commercial grade quality, micro-textured surface, and silicon coating. Your baked goods will no longer stick, burn, or warp your baking pans. The silicon non-stick coating makes clean up hassle free and the rounded corners prevent your foods from getting stuck in the corners.


8) OXO Glass Storage containers

Some people are on the fence when it comes to glass storage containers. Many worry that they are too fragile to take on-the-go and will crack or break easily. OXO containers are made with borosilicate glass which can withstand very hot and very cold temperatures. It is also crack and shatter resistant. Glass storage also provides longevity as they do not stain, melt, and are chemical free. The lock-tight lids with silicon seals prevent leaks and spills all day long.


9) OXO POP Containers

Tired of dry goods making a mess in your pantry or going stale before you can use it? OXO POP containers put an end to pantry clutter and keep your foods fresh with an air tight seal. They are easy to use and easy to store with a modular design that is great for stacking. Use them for flour, coffee, pasta, cereal, and much more! They come in a variety of sizes guaranteed to fit your needs.


10) Motorized Toaster

Who ever thought that a motorized toaster would ever exist? This toaster puts all other toasters to shame with the many “nice-to-have” features it contains. A count down timer, back-lit LED display, “take-a-peek”, and a warming button are just a few of the key features that make this toaster unique but also make life just a tad bit easier on you during your morning scramble.


see it in action! 

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