OXO Giveaway

Ladies and Gents, I am very excited to tell you about an awesome giveaway challenge that begins today!

You guys know how much I love OXO products and how often I use them right?

Well, OXO and I have joined forces to create this giveaway challenge just for my readers and followers!

The Challenge:

OXO and I want to see how you guys incorporate their products into your daily lives. Post a video, tutorial, or picture of how you use OXO. Be creative and have fun with this challenge! Your post could be a video of you cooking pizza and slicing it with an OXO pizza slicer. It could be a tutorial on how to use the OXO kitchen appliances. IT IS UP TO YOU!

The Prize:

3 Winners will be chosen on JUNE 15th.

The winners may choose from a set of OXO metal Bakeware (valued at 79.99), crock set of OXO utensils (valued at 99.99), or an OXO Brite Motorized Toaster (valued at 119.99)


Rules and Guideline:

Post your entry onto your instagram page. You MUST be following the_life_gets_messy_blog and oxo to qualify.

You must also use the following hashtags:

#oxogiveaway #thelifegetsmessyblog #doyouevenoxo #oxogadgets

**you will receive one additional entry for every 3 friend you tag IF those friends also enter the challenge**

Your profile MUST be on public or we will not be able to see your posts


You have until midnight June 11th to enter to win!

Good luck and show us how you OXO!

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