Top 10 OXO Kitchen Products to Make Life Easier

We all spend time in our kitchens. Some of us cook gourmet meals while others perhaps struggle to make cereal. No matter what your expertise is in the kitchen, there is an OXO product to make your life easier! I talk about the brand OXO Good Grips quite often and I promise you it is… Continue reading Top 10 OXO Kitchen Products to Make Life Easier

5 Tools for Organized Essentials

  We are parents, students, professionals, and everything in between. We know that getting organized is a great idea and will make our lives 100 times easierโ€ฆ but who has the time? Letโ€™s start small, simple, and sweet. Here are 5 tools to organize your essentials: Hooks Hooks are magnificent little contraptions that are easy… Continue reading 5 Tools for Organized Essentials